Enemy is Dennis Villeneuve’s dark and twisted journey into self-exploration thats leaves its audience bewildered and grasping for meaning.

Enemy - 1

Set in an incredibly bleak, and green-tinted Toronto, Enemy focuses on history professor, Adam Bell (Jake Gyllenhaal). As Bell goes about the doldrums of his cyclical life, he struggles to place meaning on his existence. Stuck in a small, dimly lit apartment, in a dull, thankless career, Bell has fallen into a listless depression. At the advice of a colleague, he decides to watch a locally made film, believing that it will somehow lift his mood. Wholly unmoved by the feature, he slips off to bed where he makes a startling revelation; he was in the movie. Upon revisiting the film, he notices that the actor portraying the bellhop is his exact likeness. Completely obsessed with finding the doppelganger, he seeks out and meets Anthony Claire. Entwined in each other’s lives, the two men embark on a distorted journey of self-examination.

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