Akira Kurosawa’s police drama, Stray Dog sizzles every bit as much as the characters that inhabit the sweltering Japanese city where it takes place.

Stray Dog - 4

Murakami (Toshirô Mifune) is a rookie detective in a Japanese police department’s homicide squad. In a city gripped by a sweltering heat wave, Murakami is riding a cramped trolley home when his service pistol is stolen. Incredibly embarrassed by his lapse of concentration, he embarks on an obsessive mission to recover the stolen Colt and bring the thieves to justice. Although he is out of his depth, he is able to track down the organization that stole his weapon, and captures one of their distributers. Horrified by what he finds, Murakami discovers that his weapon has been leant out to an unhinged war veteran, single-mindedly focused on recompense for his perceived wartime sacrifices. Unable to accept that his gun is being used to commit such heinous crimes, Murakami must team up with veteran Detective Sato (Takashi Shimura) to find the dangerous criminal before he can inflict more damage.

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